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Customer Service Competitive Advantage

In order to gain competitive advantage and effectively capture the potential of online commerce, businesses must implement strategies that integrate with existing sales and customer service channels, and recognize the unique characteristics of the online experience. Klick2Contacts’ scalable, cloud-based help solutions bridge the gap between the online convenience of self-service and the personal assistance of the high street. Optimising the online experience to meet the unique needs of different customers is shown to significantly increase conversions, order size, and customer retention.

Scalable communications – escalating chat sessions to calls, voice, video and co-browsing – mitigates time and cost spent on lower value consumers by assisting them through basic chat sessions, whilst also enabling companies to target high value consumers with a free, instant call-back. Together, they can help your business offer a more satisfying and successful customer experience and help you close more sales.

Representation of the effects of scalable communications services on revenue and costs:

Klick2Contact offers the most innovative real-time live help services on the market today. We provide you with the ability to seamlessly escalate customers through levels of communication.

Advanced, cloud-based services such as Klick2Chat, Klick2Call-Back, Klick2Co-Browse, Klick2VOIP and Klick2Video are the next logical step in e-commerce business.

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